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JoyThere is a real danger with schemes of this type that by setting out to do good, we automatically assume we are doing good, and that is not always the case.

Our initial feedback from being involved in the training was all very positive. Right from the enthusiasm of those people we engaged with, through to the comments we heard while conducting the training - and that feedback was very important to us in building our energy during the training and in giving us confidence.

But such enthusiasm is not enough. Yes they were pleased that we were investing time in them, and thankful for our attention, but unless what we were doing was making a fundamental difference to their ability to pull themselves out of poverty, we would not be meeting our aims.

So what confidence can we give you that this work is more than simply a feelgood factor? In this section we look at the achievements from our pilot project in Katwe from four perspectives:

  • How did people assess the effectiveness of the training itself in equipping them with the understanding, tools and confidence they needed to set up a business? (covered in the course feedback)

  • What difference did the training make to people subsequent to this, in terms of enabling them to set up a business, in keeping them successful and in terms of the impact on their lives? (covered in results of interviews)

  • Were the people who we appeared to help (based on the interviews) a significant proportion of those trained, or simply a vociferous minority? (covered in the survey of the impact of training)

  • Does the success of this model only apply to Uganda, or could it also apply to areas of the developing World with totally different background and culture? (covered in our project to Mongolia)

We believe that the data we have collected, and have included in this section provides a high degree of confidence in this work. We could run more test projects (and ultimately of course we will) but that is a never-ending process - there are always more questions to answer. The issue with delaying the expansion of this work until we build even more confidence is that people are suffering and dying all the time that we are building our comfort levels in the data - what we might call analysis paralysis. Our hope is that you believe there is enough of a case and confidence for you to begin this work, and we will collect and collate further data on it together.


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