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Basic materials for setting-up or running a small business can be found by clicking on the highlighted links, and it is hoped that these simple guides will help individuals in poor areas of the world to do everything they need to do to sustainably pull themselves, their families and their friends and neighbours out of poverty. 

Tesseract web siteHowever, as their business grows, it may face other more complex issues, and they may need more sophisticated guidance on what to do.  The Tesseract Management Systems website contains a wealth of such guidance, and even some freely available on-line books on professional management.  A number of guides that may be of specific use to those who have come through the ‘Setting-up a Biblically Based Business’ and ‘Improving performance through Biblically Based Business’ workbooks are:

Business Planning – ‘how to build a better business’ is an on-line book which helps people think through what they are trying to achieve, and how best to structure their business to do it, through ten short straightforward chapters

Performance Measurement – is a short booklet which helps you to identify the key signals which will tell you how well your business is working.  Businesses sometimes rely too much on financial (money) measures, and while these can tell you whether you are doing well, they are very weak at predicting whether this will continue into the future.  To run a business well, you need to be able to see and understand the ‘warning signals’ that are present in your business.

Problem Solving – which uses a simple 7-step process to look at the problems of your business (perhaps where your performance measurement does not match your business planning), and to solve them once-and-for-all so that they do not recur.  This booklet can be used by an individual or a small team, and is supported by a number of other materials which can be downloaded from the website


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