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Anecdotal Evidence of the Impact of Workbook 1

During our visit in 2008, Zoe Keens collected a number of stories from people about the impact of the Workbook 1 training on their lives. These stories are included below:

Joyce’s Story

“I run a micro finance company, which is challenging and decided to train my clients through the Workbook 1 and since then all their business’ have improved – so mine has too! 

God gave me a vision and I knew that I needed to learn how to run a business, through this work I have now come back to what the Holy Spirit was telling me to do.
I was amazed, when we first did the training – we had 100% attendance. People were going back to their villages and telling people what they had learnt each week and this is why it is making a difference. We had so many people that they were hanging in the windows.

There has been a great improvement, children can go to school.  Business success is in their hearts now and we will see a different future for their families with this training programme.

But with out this knowledge we see businesses fail.  And it does show that business is hard and they have to learn hard disciplines – but it is less painful than seeing their business fail

We separate the micro finance from the church, to stop confusion and so that people know this is a business. Business can be hard and the church can remain soft and people can come and cry on its shoulder in hard times.”

Joyce has a big vision for the future of employment for local people in her area, which by 20 years they will progress into building new schools and hospitals and the ultimate will be a hotel so that others can come out and stay in the beautiful surroundings.

Whycliffe’s Story

Whycliffe’s business is selling fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals to support local farmers in his village in the Kiyuni (sub county), Mubende District. 

“I buy fertilisers and pesticides wholesale in the local town and then go back to my village and sell my customers with small, affordable amounts.  But I also tell them how to use them and give them advice on making their farming practices better too.”

“I’ve got 20 acres of land of my own and grow my own crops that I sell to wholesale buyers – my problem is that this is seasonal work which is why I started my other business. Doing Workbook 1 has given me the confidence to run 2 businesses.  I really want to help people in the same way I have been helped which is why I did the training course so I can go back to my village and teach others to run their businesses well.”

Kezia’s Story

Kezia lives in Kampala and heard of the WB1 training through Pastor Paul.  She took her new knowledge back to help her mother run her business on the outskirts of the city.

“Me and my mum run a chicken farm, we’ve got 200 “layers” – the business is now running well and through we are increasing our stock by 100 layers and invest in 200 chickens for breeding.”

“I am doing secretarial work in Kampala so we are now working on getting a loan so we can buy a computer and give administrative support for other small business owners in the village and will give internet access for the village too.  You know it will be the first computer in the village!”

Deus’ Story

Deus runs a “boda boda” (motorcycle taxi) and did the Workbook 1 training last year and was trained as a trainer in February 08. 

“Work book 1 showed me so much.  I found out how to handle money, calculate, how to balance my books and it really opened my eyes to the importance of saving.  I also learnt the difference of business and charity and that I have charge my friends otherwise it is me that struggles.”

“I have improved my own business so much that I have shared this with my friends, church and my family too. Not many of us have had much schooling. You know you come to discover who you are!”

“There is a big thing also for pastors in our churches with the people who don’t want to work and I think the Work Book 1 business training makes a big difference.”

Nora’s Story

Nora is the pastor of the Full Gospel Church in Mityana.

“I was visiting Kampala last year and I was telling Pastor Paul about the troubles facing my congregation and their struggle to be financially secure.  Pastor Paul lent me the training materials overnight.  I couldn’t believe what I read and in the morning I excitedly went back and asked him to train my church too and he said that he would deliver the course if I organised the rest of it.”

“We had 40 people on the first course. The biggest thing I learnt for the people was that you don’t always need capital to start a business.  You know if you are providing a service of cleaning or washing – you can start with no overheads.  This idea has given confidence to many people in Mityana who have now started their own small business.”

Medad’s business

“I run a laundry business and heard about the Workbook 1 training course through my Baptist Church. It’s helped me understand my business and now I keep my own accounts.  I can tally my profit and loss at the end of each month.  My biggest prayer now is to clear my debts.”

Margaret’s business

Margaret runs a boutique and beauticians

“My Workbook 1 training helped me to improve my finances and has given me confidence.  Alongside my business I also run a website which provides prayer, counselling and positive support for people living with HIV aids.  You know I know have African people living in the USA who have heard of it and email there troubles to us and we can help.”

Moses’ experience

Moses runs a food stall, selling tomatoes, pineapples and other food stuffs.  He attended the Workbook 1 training last year and joined the Workbook 2 sessions on running your own business.

“We are so grateful to Mike and the team for the training.  You should have seen us a year ago before the training.  Our business’ weren’t working and we couldn’t afford to support our families and send our children to school; and now many of our business’ have been transformed, people you haven’t even met have been changed.  We are happy and our families are eating.”

“A year ago I was struggling and now I employ 2 people and my brother is coming into the business.  We can’t thank you enough for your help.”


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