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Materials to Support a Church

We believe that engagement with this work could have a transformational effect on churches in the UK.

  • It provides a means for them to take direct responsibility for working to alleviate poverty in a sister community in the Developing World

  • It helps provide a context for what a problem really is when (relatively) trivial squabbles threaten to undermine Church harmony

  • It provides a common goal with valuable and tangible results which every part of the 'body' can play a role in

  • It provides a very real way to answer the challenge of Matthew 25:31-46

  • It provides a 'purpose' which the outside community can understand and empathise with, and even be drawn into

Workbook 0 is a very useful resource to understand how to involve your church in this work, and there are numerous materials on the Website to support you in engaging their attention, such as leaflets, presentations, Workbook 0 etc.

However, as work continues we may become aware through the forum of other needs or solutions, and as they become available we plan to link from here to the resources.

The Church was born for conflict and persecution, and sadly if we do not go out and engage in the battle, then the battle will inevitably come in and find us


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