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Workbook 1 CoverCopyright in the materials rests with Michael Clargo and Reconxile.  The content of the various guides and plans available on this site may be freely reproduced in pursuance of any projects to alleviate poverty providing the materials are given free of charge (or if this is not sustainable, at a nominal charge purely to cover the costs of reproduction) to the beneficiaries. 

Contents may not be altered without written permission from Reconxile.  We actively encourage people to develop faithful translations of the materials, but request that a copy of any such translation is made freely available through this site for the benefit of others who speak that language. 

Disclaimer:  The material in the guides on this site is provided freely and in good faith on the condition that any decisions made on the basis of information contained herein are made at your own risk, and the author and publisher will not be held responsible for any losses you, or others, may incur as a result of your application of these materials.


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