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Course Feedback

While course feedback cannot tell us how effective the training will be in setting up new businesses, it does at least give us a clear indication of people's attitudes at the end of training (and whether that is conducive to progress) and it gives us an idea of how well the training has been accepted (and hopefully adopted).

The course feedback from the pilot in Katwe is shown below. As you can see it is mostly positive, but we did have some concern over the figure of 28% of attendees felt that there was only 'some useful points' so we went through their comments to see what the issue was for them. Some of these concerned the use of English as the training language (which is something we recognised as an issue, and the training has now been translated into Lugandan), some appeared far more positive thatn the score would indicate, and some concerned the fact that they would have preferred the training to be longer. The comments which are concerned with the 28% score are asterisked below, and are the first ones in the list of comments.


How much have you learnt about setting up your own business?

  Everything            A large              Some useful             Very
     I need    10%     amount  62%          points   28%*   little 0%

How good was the trainer at helping you to understand ?

   Excellent                Good                   Average             Poor
        77%                    23%                        0%                   0%

How effective were the training materials and workbook for you?

   Excellent                Good                   Average            Poor
       62%                    38%                        0%                   0%

How useful did you find the afternoon projects?

      Vitally                  Very                 Somewhat          Waste
important 44%       useful 56%          useful   0%      of time 0%

How useful did you find your group/ partners in helping you think?

      Vitally                  Very                 Somewhat          Waste
important 46%       useful  44%         useful  10%     of time 0%


(*Comments from people who scored ‘learning’ at ‘some useful points are asterisked)

*Please this was excellent but only the language some they don’t get English so l beg you to have some language interpretation books.  God bless you.

*God bless our teacher abundantly.  The training has been so important to me that I will advise more people to attend in case of any other chance and I am going to help many who are in the same problem like I been.

*Thanks for efforts H/U time wasn’t enough to cover all that is needed.  Please come again.  Course materials may equally help other people out of here.

*Thank you very much.  God bless you for teaching us.

*Just to thank God who have brought our trainer to equip us.  I know my business is going to be successful and am going to help others.

*Four days have not been enough at least to learn everything that concerns setting up my own small business but I have learnt some useful points. 

*I want to be translated in our language to understand better.

*It was a good seminar and I think I will not be the same.

*Improve on guiding service set up businesses.  Businesses that will offer service.

*I appreciate the trainer for the seminar.  If possible we can make other arrangements for having such seminars.

*It is important on my side to attend this CIB to learn more.

request that this be an annual training.  For many people need this kind of training.  I have received a precious gift of wealth.  God bless you now and always.

I thank God who brought our teacher and train us in our business.  God bless you.

I am very pleased.  The training is very good.  I recommend it to go further. 

The training has been very important to all of us.  I just suggest that it could go on.
I thank God for this seminar for opening up my eyes in running a business.  God bless the trainer so much.

I would suggest that next time the targeted people should be those who can easily get on with English and have prior knowledge in business so that more time is saved during the training then those people can help others later who can’t read and understand English.  I feel there is a lot we have missed from the trainer which would be quite useful!

I want to appreciate my trainer to help me to understand most of the things I’ve been behind my business.  Thanks.

It is a request that such training should be held from time to time.  I know it will help many.

That from the beginning it is emphasised how important the working on the projects.
I have really learnt a lot in this course and I believe that if I got hold of the next book and go through the course I would learn everything I need to know about business.  The trainer really deserves the biggest thank you and God bless you.

I appreciate the trainer for being friendly and helpful for us to understand this course mostly for us who had not been with business skills.

The training has been useful to me and I have got a preverage of training with fellow brothers on how they can set up small businesses.

I ask you to come back again for more teaching, and change the book into Luganda for others.

It is vitally important for this business course.  May God give you everlasting life.

Afternoon projects were very useful especially on things that I thought I knew and yet I was proved wrong.  Thanks.

Afternoon sessions need to be made compulsory for better and effective results.  Trainees need to keep rotated around, and not maintained in one group.  Those who have talkative and confident tend to hinder others participation. 

So encouraging and of great blessing and a step up in business with great hope. 

It is important that everybody be checked whether he or she has done exercise because they help full in understanding the course.

The groups were too large and most of the members were not willing to contribute.  I dominate most discussions and contributions which made me feel cheated because I learnt little from my group members.  NB  In future, discussion groups should be smaller (3-4_ for effective interaction and participation.  All else was excellent – keep it up!!  

More opportunity availed to train others would be of great benefit to our churches.  Probably a trainers seminar would be helpful. 

This training has been so good and a turning point in my life and I believe God things has to change. 

In afternoon project people sleep – so they need to get break of every 30 minutes to avoid sleeping. 

This course to me has been very useful time and I feel having a zeal to teach others so that they can also benefit.  NB  My prayer to God is for the capital only.  Others will follow. 

In fact my eyes are now open to see ahead and ready to take off and to be in touch in the next phase. 

Thanks to Mike for the support in the training.


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