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Enablement: Helping you to help them

Enablement is about what resources we have (as Reconxile) to enable you (as a team that wants to make a difference) to enable them (to establish their own small businesses in the Developing World).

Workbook 0Our resources are mainly in the form of materials, which are freely available to anybody who wishes to use them responsibly to train the poor in basic business skills.  These resources are listed below, and the associated links will take you to other pages with more detailed information, and links to download the material. For information about copyright, nothing onerous, please click on the link.

We would suggest that your startpoint should be Workbook 0: Enabling and Inspiring Biblically Based Business. This comprehensive guide will help you to understand how you can best help people in the Developing World, and provide you with down-to-earth guidance borne from experience.

Workbook 1The core document for the training is Workbook 1: Setting up a Biblically Based Business. This is aimed at the people in the Developing World who will be setting up their own small businesses as a sustainable solution to poverty for themselves and their family. It is supported by training plans, visual aids, and money exercises. As and when translations become available, they will be posted here, or through the relevant section of the forum.

Workbook 1 starts the ball rolling. To keep it rolling it is important to do three things: train trainers to cascade out the success; help those who have been successful to employ others out of poverty (Workbook 2 looks at building on success and creating employment); and in those cases where Microfinance is not suitable, to train people Workbook 2to set up their own finance through VSLA

Further support to your efforts to nurture successful small business people can be found in funding, certificates and surveys. And for those businesses which progress beyond the reach of Workbook 2, there are additional materials to support their progress in the advanced materials section: Workbook 2++

We also have materials to cover the other roles necessary to make training a success. We have templates for posters, we have leaflets, we have presentation material and we have case studies. While there are only a few of these to begin with, our hope is to add to these resources as the community develops them.

And finally, we have a network of other people who may be developing other things which will help, and these can be accessed through the forum.


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