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ForumWe are currently experimenting with using our own discussion board as a community which people can join and contribute to the content which is available to others engaged in this work.

At present it is still early days, and so things may not work quite as smioothly as we would like them to, but we believe it will prove to be a tremendous resource, and we hope people get on line and use it as soon as possible - it is one of those resources which people start with only the hope that others will join them and help it build to critical mass.

On the forum you will be able to (we believe):

  • See all the contributions of others organised in a way which makes it easy to find what you want

  • Add in your own contributions, either in response to others, or as a new 'stream' od discussion and resource

  • Search for items across all the streams by particular words or phrases

  • Provide feedback on the 'static' website (this one) and add new contributions to it

  • Search for people with common interests or background to yourself, or those with complementary skills, and even select them on the basis of how close they may live to you

  • Set up your own sub-communities as a special interest group within the overall community

Please try it out, and support it until it grows into something which is of real value and will attract people to it, not because of its features, but because of its content and fellowship.

In the meantime, we hope you will forgive us that the forum is the only way to communicate with us - we want to actively encourtage this channel of communication. Thank you.

To access the forum, click here, or type into your browser. You may also like to bookbark the page for ease of access. We recommend you read the basic guide to using the forum which gives step-by-step instructions and simple diagrams to help you get the best out of the Reconxile community. The guide can be downloaded by clicking here


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