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Our Vision

Our Vision has two components to it - a financial component, and an operational component. It is perhaps the financial component that is the most eye-catching.

Our financial vision is to generate £10Bn equivalent in aid, in one year, through training people in basic business skills, and to grow this figure year on year. This may seem outrageous and impractical but it is not, and with one team of three people, in just three weeks we generated £2M equivalent in aid to prove it.

So how do we get from £2M to £10Bn?

Simple, we multiply by 5000. Which brings us to the operational component: Five thousand small teams going to different parts of the developing World to train people in basic business skills. Five thousand teams could create £10Bn, and at the time of writing, that is roughly equivalent the total Annual Aid provided by the entire G8. 

And yet five thousand teams represents less than 1 team per 10 churches in the UK, in other words, even if as many as 90% of all the churches in the UK felt that they were not able to inspire and support a team of their own to pursue this project, we would still probably hit our goal.  Makes you realise what could be achieved if the numbers were reversed!!!

Because, despite the figure of £10Bn being a bit of a ‘headline grabber’, I think God’s ambition for this work may be even greater.  And you only need to look at the figures concerning poverty in the Developing World to see why. 

Between 25,000 – 30,000 children die every day due to poverty, and around 2.6 Billion people in the Developing World live on less than £1 per day – our target hardly makes a dent in that – but it will fundamentally affect the lives of at least 1 million people in the Developing World who would have nothing without it. 

And, perhaps just as importantly, we believe it will affect the lives of another 1 million people in the developed world, who will come to realise that they can and must do something more than they are doing at the moment, and through that realisation, begin a journey in fellowship with God’s heart which will touch and transform many others. 

We hope and pray that our vision is merely the first few ice crystals in a giant snowball of the outpouring of God’s grace in and through His people.


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