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Mongolia Course PhotoAre you someone in the Developing World who has a real heart for those in poverty around you? Do you see business training as a key part of the solution for many of those people? Do you have the influence and network to organise things locally, but just lack the input of people who can initiate the training? Are you willing to take responsibility for championing your cause, for pulling together the initial training group, and then for making sure that some of that group go out and train others?

If so, then you may want to consider being a 'host'. The host is someone who is essential to training teams being succesful in making a sustainable difference, they are their main link with the community in the Developing World. The training team is totally dependent on their host for organising things locally, and this role is laid out in more detail over pages 32-37 and 43-47 of Workbook 0

If you are someone who is willing to take ownership for the training and its impact in your area. If you are a person of standing and respect in your community, who can influence things to happen there, and if you are somebody somebody with a God-given heart for the poor in your community, and a belief in business as a God-given staircase out of it (probably a church or community leader), then the Reconxile community needs to hear your ideas.

Please join the Reconxile Fourm, and post your thoughts and requests in the appropriate places. It is our prayer that the community will respond. But please be patient, especially in the early years of the community, because the community is likely to be very small and very stretched. Please use your time to consider how best to present your case so that it attracts people who want to help you. But please be polite and use the forum appropriately - if it is God's will for this time in this way, then it will happen.


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