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Engagement / Involvement - How you can help!

Why are you reading this?

  • Is it because you understand the plight of the poor and want to help in some way?

  • Is it because you feel that you would like to use a bit more of your life to make a difference somewhere?

  • Is it because you are already making a difference, but you are looking for a better/proven approach?

  • Is it because you are looking for new ways to work out your faith and do God’s work?

  • Is it because you feel a slight nudging, and a faintly glowing sense of excitement or anticipation inside of you as you read these words?

Perhaps it is a mixture of some or all of these things. Or perhaps you are reading this because you are simply trying to set up in business for yourself and your family and you are looking for guidance to find out how. If it is this last reason, then we suggest that you move quickly to the section on receiving training.

But if it is one or or more of the bullet points above, then this section is designed to Workbook 0help you to think through the role you want to play. And there are a number of roleswhich are needed if we are to be effective in helping people out of poverty throughbusiness training, any one of which might suit your situation, your skils, and youraspirations exactly.

To see what these roles are and how they fit together, take a look at the diverse range of options we have for 'engaging' with those in need. Or download Workbook 0: Encouraging and Inspiring Biblically Based Training - a detailed guide to all of the roles and how to undertake them, here



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