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Leaflets are a way to raise awareness, and summarise the main points in the message you are trying to convey. They are relativley inexpensive (a sheet of A4 and some ink) and they are easily passed on to people who express a degree of curiosity, and they are safe: they give people the opportunity to take away and reflect, and then perhaps pass it on to others who they think may be interested.

Okay, I accept that is all the positives. Yes, they also get dropped, lost, and conveniently forgotten. But it is good to start somewhere, and if someone does show an interest it is good to be able to give them something.

Older leafletLeaflet 3Currently we have two leaflets:

The older leaflet does not use so much ink and is easier to print out (please see left) and a lot of people like it, but it has raised questions from some quarters regarding a 'pythonesque arm' and mixed drawings and photographs on the same image. It also refers to the address, although this would simply redirect anybody to

The newer leaflet uses a lot of black ink, but looks a bit more professional and in keeping with the style of the other materials you may be using.

Please click on the one you would like to download, and print it from pdf on two sides of an A4 sheet.

Further leaflets will be added to this page as they are developed.


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