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Money Exercises: Basic arithmetic exercises for finance

Maths exercisesWe have tried to make both the training and materials as simple as we possibly can. However, the nature of small businesses in the Developing World means that there will almost certainly be a small start-up loan to repay. And planning to repay the loan unfortunately means that the trainees will need to understand the concepts of break-even-point and cash-flow.

These can be a bit confusing for people at first, and so the maths exercise booklet gives people practice on doing this sort of arithmetic, through simple worked examples, and then questions for them to try out, with worked answers (step by step) in the back of the exercise book.

You can download the exercise book here

(Please note, current version is now v2.0, which corrects errors in exercise 2.1, example 7 & answer 7.1 of v1.1. It also removes the grey shading which gives problems in reproduction in some areas of the Developing World)


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