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We envisage people using these presentations to support them in publicising this work to their Church community, and to build up interest for getting involved in it.

But there is a danger that people use the presentation material, less as a support and more as the whole message. Our view is that this will not work. If the content of what we are sharing here is not compelling enough to inspire you to have a view on the whole thing, why would it be compelling enough to inspire them.

The presentations are only intended as an aid to your own efforts to communicate what you believe are the key messages to be shared with your Church community. However, when you know what you want to communicate, Presentation 1we hope that the material here might help you in conveying that message.

The presentation illustrated on the right is in Powerpoint 2003 format, and can be downloaded by clicking on the picture (2.3MB). Please play it through a number of times before using it in public, so that you know you want to say, and when, and where you want to click on. Please also be aware that one or two of the slides are quite hard hitting.

Please feel free to edit the presentation to your needs. If you develop further presentations to support this work, please make them available through the forum, and we will try to make suitable links from this page.


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