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Pray: Providing spiritual support

PrayWe have found that this work is somewhat prone to spiritual warfare.  Our trip out to deliver the training in Mongolia had far more than a reasonable number of mishaps, including eight separate and totally unrelated breakdowns in the desert.  And yet that perhaps is a good thing, there is something remarkably affirming in the Devil wanting to stop us in our tracks – let’s face it he does not waste his time on things that don’t matter. 

In any event, the need for prayer in this sort of work is clear.  During our trips we have always benefitted from somebody praying for us back at base, sometimes individual and ad-hoc, sometimes collective, and once on a carefully organised rota.  We have also benefitted from extensive prayer from those who we were going out to help – and boy, can they pray!!!

But prayer is not only necessary during the time of the trip, but also in the time leading up to it, and the time after it, particularly for those left to carry on the work.  We would also value people’s prayers for the continued propagation of this work, that others will pick up and run with it, and that the target for 500 projects in our vision is not only met, but surpassed. 

Chapters 6 & 7So the fifth role to which people might feel a calling is the all important one of contributing to that prayer, or even organising it.  Either way, their teams will be grateful for it.  Guidance on this role can be found in Chapter 7 of Workbook 0

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