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Proclaim: Sharing the message and inspiring others

ProclaimThe first task is one of helping people to know that this opportunity exists in a practical form.  Sadly, this is not as straight-forward as it might at first appear.  If your experience is anything like ours, God often has to put things in my path a number of times before I begin to get the message that this might be relevant to me. 

Most of us manage to fill our lives quite full with things, many of which are actually very important, and so we often see messages on other things as a bit of a distraction, and we filter them out, usually well before we have the chance to evaluate them properly.  It is a bit like the cartoon of the King on the hill, surrounded by his knights in mediaeval battle armour, berating the messenger trying to show him a machine gun with the words “I don’t have time for this.  Can’t you see I have a battle to fight”.   Except in our case, the messenger may be trying to show us a bigger and more strategic battle than the one we are currently engaged in. 

This is entirely normal, but what it means is that most of the messages that eventually took root in our minds often had to reach us a number of ways through a number of different channels before ‘some of it fell on good soil’.  Some things impact on your mind many many times before you finally give them enough thought-space to realise that they are important.  It is quite saddening to discover just how effective the Devil is at ‘carrying the good seed away’ – particularly when we are busy on other things.  (Matthew 13:19)

And so a vital part of taking this work forward is finding ways to bring it to people’s attention, and more than once:  Talking about it; circulating snippets of information; sharing printed copies of some of the stories; raising questions to people (especially those with the authority to make something happen); giving a talk on it; forwarding emails to your network; encouraging others to talk about it; putting up posters; communicating the progress of other teams; including it in agendas – basically not allowing it to be overlooked or forgotten. 

Chapter 2Extensive guidance on this role can be found in Chapter 2 of Workbook 0. To understand more about Workbook 0, please click the highlighted link above, or to download just the appropriate chapter as a PDF, please click the picture to the right.

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