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Receiving the Business Training

Evening training sessionMost of this site is concerned with equipping people to help others receive the training, but we also recognise that those in need of the training may well come across this site directly. If that is your situation, then this page is intended to help you to find what you need.

The start point for anyone seeking to set up their own small business is Workbook 1 which can be accessed here. We encourage you to download and print off a copy of the workbook and then run through the exercises and the explanations at your own pace. The workbook is the training. The training sessions are really just an opportunity for those who are working through the workbook to share their experiences and help each other through difficulties. We do not want to diminish the importance of this discussion and sharing in the training sessions, but it is not essential, and if you do not have an opportunity to attend such a session locally then it is a good second choice.

To discover if training has been organised locally, please visit the forum, and look at the updates for the area of the World you live in. If one is relevant to you, get in contact with the relevant people through the forum.

Alternatively, if there is no training taking place near you, you may be in a position to consider hosting the training your self. Visit the page on 'hosting' to discover if this is appropriate to you.


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