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Why does poverty continue at the levels it does?

The levels of poverty and its attendant pain and suffering are on an almost unbelievable scale. But if that is not bad enough, years go by, and we do nothing about it - nothing effective anyway.

The question is not so much 'Why does extreme poverty exist?' but rather 'Why does it continue to exist at these high levels, and why do we do so little about it?'

There are many apparent causes to poverty: conflict; famine; global economics; and these all contribute to our current situation - but the biggest factor by far in terms of the sheer quantity of death and suffering that is occuring at the moment, is that those of us who have enough resources and leverage and understanding to do something about it don't have enough care and compassion to use it. The real root cause to the size of the problem we are currently facing is the general indifference of those of us who live in relative comfort. That is the cause, plain and simple!!!

Many will argue at this point, and they will point to war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan, and the relative impossibility of getting aid safely into these places. But that is not the situation pertaining to all areas of poverty - there are many more people suffering poverty in places where people can move around in complete safety than are suffering in zones of current conflict.

Others may argue that the problem is too big for individuals, and that we can only do so much as we can lobby governments to do. But why aren't governments doing more? Could it be because they think that putting another £50 Billion into the resources to help solve the problem will secure them less votes than they would lose by putting up income tax by 10% to cover the cost? They would be right to be concerned. Have you any idea how many column inches a tax rise to cover the cost of foreign aid would generate in terms of arguments, calls for impeachment, inter-views with the person next door etc.

We are, as a nation, largely indifferent to the cries for help from across the water, and for most of the time, we don't even listen to the cries any more. In terms of what we spend our time reading about, listening to, watching, and arguing over; the suspension of two Radio Presenters (Brand and Ross at present) is a far more important issue to us than the plight of the 150,000 children who have died while the argument has been going on. When you honestly and frankly consider where we put our attention, can you sincerely answer me, hand-on-heart, that we are not indifferent to their situation. (Read more?)

THAT is why the numbers are so high. When push comes to shove, you, me, and the rest of our friends and neighbours do not care enough.

And perhaps we can't do a lot about our friends and neghbours, but maybe you and I could begin to do something different???


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