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Workbook 1: Training Session Plan

Session PlanWorkbook 1 is designed as a training package in its own right. Through explanation, examples, exercises and exposition, Workbook 1 takes people through all of the steps necessary to set up their own business. So why a training session plan?

The reason that we have established a training programme for Workbook 1 is because we have found that the interaction within groups as they work together on exercises and share their own issues and experience is far more effective at preparing people for business than the words and pictures alone can do. However the training is not onerous. Most of it consists of facilitating groups to discuss their individual answers to different exercises, and to work together on refining each others answers and understanding.

To support the training we have developed a step by step training plan. Each session is laid out in terms of what is to be achieved, and how, and when in a simple easy to follow table with clear instructions for each block of training.

There are two versions of the training session plan. The one that teams from the West are most likely to use if the 4 day intensive plan. However, once local trainers have been trained, they are most likely to favour the 6 session plan which allows them to spread the training out over a number of weeks of 'Saturday mornings' for example. Spreading the training out at about 4 hours per week is both more effective on the trainees and better suited to their commitments, but it is not really possible for a team which is only in the country for a week or so.

Click on the relevant highlighted link above to download the training session plan you require. If you need an editable version of the plan, you can access this through the forum.



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