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Stop Press: 2009 Survey scores even more impressive!

Quantitative Impact: 2008 Survey Scores from Katwe

Recently we have been blessed with very encouraging confirmation of the effectiveness of our work (and your work) in equipping people with basic business skills through Workbook 1 training. In short, 67% of those who attend Workbook 1 training either without a business, or with a failing business, have a successful business within one year (see picture below). For a summary of the facts and background, please read on.

Initial training was conducted over four days in a visit to Kampala in October 2006. Subsequent to this, some of that group (25 out of 40) were trained as trainers of the material in February 2007.

Over the ensuing year, 400 people were trained through the workbook, and at the end of the year, a random sample of 29 of these (all of whom had attended the training over 9 months previously) were surveyed in terms of the impact the training had had on their circumstances. They were asked their situation prior to training, and Pie Charttheir situation at the time of the survey, and the results are shown graphically below (‘successful’ in this case refers to sufficient sustainable income to feed, house and educate their families, which is equivalent to a minimum of £1000 pa in the area around Kampala)


Further detail on this can be obtained for the survey data spreadsheet.

If the figures are representative of the 400 people trained, which we believe they are, then we can conclude:

  • Three quarters of those running a failing business appear to have turned that business around within one year of the training

  • Two thirds of those who came on the training who had no business at all appear to be running a business within one year, and 60% of these are successful (our hope is that the remaining 40% will use the training and their experiences to turn their business around - as per the experience reflected above)

  • 220 ‘new’ people now have a successful business as a direct result of the training (288 successful businesses in all) which at £1000+pa over 10 years equates to £2M+ of benefit – but this is conservative because we know anecdotally that some are already employing people in their businesses

People continue to be trained out of the scheme at a rate of 30-40 per month, and this is likely to be sustained locally and to grow without any further intervention from us

The total cost of the scheme ‘itself’ (ignoring the one-off costs of researching and developing the materials in the first place) to date is two weeks of a UK trainer’s time and two return flights, and a further £4000 in printing the materials locally and in covering local expenses


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