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Training Certificates

CertificateIn many areas of the Developing World, people are very keen on certificates, and are disappointed by situations where they attend training and do not receive one.  To this point we have not been good at systematically meeting this need, and have been somewhat ambivalent about the whole certification approach. 

On the one hand we can see the value of certificates when they consistently represent a level of quality and competence, and we appreciate that they can be useful in approaching financial organisations for loans where that quality has not been compromised.  On the other hand, maintaining that level of quality assurance is a bureaucratic task at the best of times, and that bureaucracy becomes either overwhelming or totally ineffective in the type of distributed and free system we hope to achieve through this training programme. 

However, where the certification is important to the effectiveness of, and the commitment to, the training, we have provided some sample certificates which can be downloaded from the forum

At present, as we write this, these are free to download by any group who have registered on the site, they therefore contain the warning that this is possible, and the accompanying recommendation that any person who wishes to place any credibility on the certificate, assures themselves of the holder’s competence by means of some carefully chosen questions. 

Over time we aspire to provide a better regulated system, sadly with the necessary degree of bureaucracy – watch this space – but if you are of a more pragmatic bent, like we are, please do not feel that this is likely to be a significant step forward. 

The skills are infinitely preferable to the certificates, and the certificates will only ever really be a way to encourage and celebrate the skills.  Caveat 'whatever the Latin may be for those who put their store in paper.'


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