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During your team's visit to the Developing World, you may be able to train 40 people in one group. If you train two groups back to back over a fortnight, and make two trips in a year (which would use up all your holiday!) you may be able to train 160. If you have the same success rate as we did, that will be at least another 88 people sustainably out of poverty - the equivalent of almost £1M in aid. Not bad!

Trainee Trainer in actionBUT, it is still something that is about what we are doing for them (rather than what they are doing for themselves) and it is a fraction of what can be achieved if we equip them to train people themselves. At the time of writing this, we are 18 months on from the point where we trained trainers in Kampala, and they have now trained almost 1000 people, and they continue to train new people year on year. And that ongoing rate of growth and increasing benefit is sustainable, and independent of myself and the team that I went with. (and I still have some holiday left, or at least I did until I started reworking this website!)

Workbook 0 was not available at that time, which is the preferred method of equipping trainers in the West, but even if it had been, I am not sure that it would have been the preferred method of preparing trainers out there. Instead, we ran a four day course for them.

TT Session PlanThe training session plan for the Trainer Training course can be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted link above. It is structured so that the mornings focus on different (practical) aspects of training and facilitation and the afternoons are used to provide the trainee trainers with opportunities to practice delivering different parts of the Workbook 1 training to each other and getting feedback on that.

The main training aid which supported the training were six sets of the support materials, printed on A4 as slides (the base pack for this can be downloaded from the bottom of the page on 'support materials' which can be accessed by clicking here.) These were used by participants on their tables (maximum 5 participants per table and 1 pack per table) as a support for their presentations to each other. You can see one in use at the top of this page.

Trainer Training HandoutsUnlike the Workbook 1 training, Trainer Training is based on a PowerPoint slide show. Our rationale for this is that you can normally get power at places where you need to train trainers, and it is easier to present some of the ideas electronically. So for training trainers you will need a computer and projector. The slide deck for training trainers can be downloaded here. And the participant pack for the slide deck (copies of the slides so they can make notes as the training) can be downloaded here.

The Trainer Training course is in large part the basis for Chapter 5 of Workbook 0

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