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Workbook 0:
Encouraging and Inspiring Biblically Based Business

Workbook 0A step-by-step guide to nurturing 'good' businesses as a practical solution to poverty in the Developing World.

This 100 page guide is aimed at individuals and groups who want to make a difference in the Developing World - who want to find a practical way to alleviate the hardship and dreadful impact of poverty. It explains how small businesses can provide a viable and sustainable solution, and about how people here (in the West) can help people in poverty to benefit from them.

Whether you want to go out and help personally, or whether you want to support teams and individuals who do that, or whether you want to encourage the work generally, there is guidance in Workbook 0 for you.

Workbook 0 gives practical step-by-step advice on: spreading the message; idenifying specific points of need in the Developing World; preparing and leading groups to visit the Developing World; delivering practical business training; and supporting small businesses and training schemes once they have started. It is a 'must read' if you have any practical desire to see people rescued from poverty.

You can download a complete copy of Workbook 0 by clicking here

Workbook 0 is free to access and print off yourself, but if you would like a pre-printed copy, it is now possible to buy these through (click here - although we try to do this at close to cost, the short print runs involved, retail mark-ups etc. all bring up the price, which is likely to be £9.50 per copy)

Individual Chapters of Workbook 0, to support the roles of: proclaim; connect; equip; fund; pray and prepare may be downloaded from the web-pages connected with these roles (accessible through the links) should you wish to download more focused parts of the Workbook and provide them as background to different members of your team. But if you are downloading for yourself, we recommend you download the whole of Workbook 0 so that you can see the whole context of what you may be trying to do.


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