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Workbook 1: Setting up a Biblically Based Business

Workbook 1This booklet, complete with illustrations and step-by-step exercises, helps people to think through each stage of setting up a successful business, whether that is trading fruit, sweeping floors, making biscuits, or selling any other kind of product or service.  Starting from basic questions which help people to think what kind of business they might do, and what would make customers keep coming back, the exercises build up into a complete business plan for how they can pay back their loan and how they can keep their business healthy and thriving. 

Through Workbook 1 people can learn the basics of business, such as: how to attract customers; how to provide a quality product or service; how to make the money work out. Workbook 1 does this step-by step through simple exercises and explanations. At the end of the workbook, the trainee discovers that in working through the exercises they have all the answers they need for the business plan template at the back of the book - each section of the plan is linked back to the relevant page in the workbook where they have already worked out what they need to say.

Workbook 1 may be downloaded as a pdf here (1.9MB). Editable versions of Workbook 1 (purely for the purspose of facilitating faithful translations) can be accessed through the forum.

Workbook 1 is free to access and print off yourself, but if you would like a pre-printed copy, it is now possible to buy these through (click here - although we try to do this at close to cost, the short print runs involved, retail mark-ups etc. all bring up the price, which is likely to be £8.50 per copy)


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