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Workbook 2:
Improving performance through Biblically Based Business

Workbook 2Workbook 1 is aimed at providing those currently in poverty with income through helping them to set-up a small business and to work for themselves. However, even for the simplest of businesses in the simplest of economies and with the simplest of training, not everybody is capable of doing this. And sadly this includes some of the very poorest of the poor, people whose poverty has led to zero education and often mental or physical disabilities. What can we do for them? Our solution is not to train them, but to find them employment. Our solution is to ensure that the businesses which their more capable neighbours establish grow and thrive and provide employment for them. And that is where Workbook 2 comes in.

Workbook 2 is the sister booklet to ‘Setting-up a Biblically Based Business’, and is intended for those people who have already set-up their business, and who are looking to both grow their business, and to help their community through providing employment to those around them.  Like Workbook 1, it takes people through the questions and issues step-by-step, using simple illustrations and exercises. 

Workbook 2 can be read and applied by individuals, but it is particularly suitable to being trained through a weekly self-study group, chapter by chapter, over six sessions.  Each chapter concludes with a set of questions and bible study passages to facilitate this.

To download a copy of Workbook 2, please click here, or the image above right.

Workbook 2 is free to access and print off yourself, but if you would like a pre-printed copy, it is nowpossible to buy these through (click here - although we try to do this at close to cost, the short print runs involved, retail mark-ups etc. all bring up the price, which is likely to be £8.50 per copy)


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