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Girl with LaptopOur efforts to train Youth Groups in this material are still at a formative stage, and so the resources are not yet (in the main) fully tested.

Probably the most useful resource will be a training session plan, but at the moment this is what you might say 'all over the place', and more likely to confuse than enlighten.

However we do have a number of other materials out of our work to this point. We have a number of supplements (drawn from Workbook 2) to help extend the lessons from Workbook 1 to more sophisticated markets, such as the UK. These are:

We also have a supplement drawn from Workbook 1 itself, which is the pre-work. It may seem a bit strange to give them an extract from a book which they will have in a complete form, but at the point of giving them the prework I fully expected half the group to mislay things (over the summer vacation) or some of them to decide they did not like the idea after all, and so an 8 page handout is a lot easier to replace than an entire workbook 1. Each of the supplements is 8 pages long, which makes it relatively easy to print them onto two folded A3 sheets.

We also developed a poster to advertise the course (880KB) in PowerPoint, and an application form (32KB) as a Word file, either or both of which can be edited to suit your needs (both currently refer to my own Church and Youthgroup).

Any of these resources can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on the relevant highlighted links.


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