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Basic Materials

Our materials are freely available to anybody who wishes to use them responsibly to train the poor in basic business skills.  Currently they are being translated into Lugandan and Mongolian.  For information about copyright, nothing onerous, please click on the link.

Currently we have the following materials available to support your work with the poor:

Book 1Setting-up your own small business – this booklet, complete with illustrations and step-by-step exercises, helps people to think through each stage of setting up a successful business, whether that is trading fruit, sweeping floors, making biscuits, or selling any other kind of product or service.  Starting from basic questions which help people to think what kind of business they might do, and what would make customers keep coming back, the exercises build up into a complete business plan for how they can pay back their loan and how they can keep their business healthy and thriving. 

Setting-up your own small business (a) – this modified version of the above booklet does not use grey in the exercise panels. While this makes it slightly less attractive to use, it does make it easier to read if only poor quality copying facilities are available.

Training plans and blackboard templates for ‘Setting-up your own small business’.  These Discussion groupprovide aready thought through, almost minute-by-minute, schedule for how you can take a group of people through the ‘Setting-up your own small business’ booklet together, as part of a group training event, where people can help each other and share their answers and experiences. 

Money exercises for ‘Setting up your own small business’.  These are some simple arithmetic examples and questions to help people work through the basic arithmetic that is sadly an essential feature of any business where you want to ensure the income is greater than the outgoings. 

Book 2Running your own small business – this booklet is the sister booklet to ‘Setting-up your own small business’, and is intended for those people who have already set-up their business, and who are looking to both grow their business, and to help their community through providing employment to those around them.  Like ‘Setting-up your own small business’ it takes people through the questions and issues step-by-step, using simple illustrations and exercises.  The booklet can be read and applied by individuals, but it is particularly suitable to being trained through a weekly self-study group, chapter by chapter, over six sessions.  Each chapter concludes with a set of questions and bible study passages to facilitate this. 

More advanced materials.  While these are not particularly aimed at the poor, the Tesseract Management Systems site also provides a number of guides which are available without charge to help businesses develop their skill sets to address more involved issues.  For an introduction to the most relevant of these, please click on the link at the start of this paragraph. 

Training TrainersWe also have a set of slides and training plan for
training trainers for workbook 1