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We welcome any information on how people are using the material from this website.  Please email us information, pictures and links, and we will endeavour to pray for your work, and to publicise it here on these pages.  Recently we have had the results of a survey we initiated into the effectiveness of this work, and were staggered to discover just how successful we have been in alleviating poverty - over 60% successful, resulting in the equivalent of £2M+ of aid, and growing. To see the results of the survey please click here. For information on how to get started, please click the link.

Currently we are aware of the following projects:

Initial Trg in KampalaKatwe, Kampala, Uganda, where Reconxile have been working in conjunction with Colchester TBG, Christians in Business, and Phil Grey of Commonside Church Harlow to support Pastor Paul Kinataama of Nsambya Full Gospel Church to establish a self-sustaining training structure, supported by a Village Savings and Loans scheme.  This has been very successful, and thanks to Pastor Paul and Livingston Mukasa’s tireless efforts and commitment, and the support of their teams, and also the hard work of Julius Elora, Monica Tushabe, and Joyce Owor, this work is now spreading around the Kampala area to needy communities as far as 40 miles from the Katwe slums where it started.  To read and see more, click here or visit the Picture Gallery.

Our translatorsThe Gobi Desert, Mongolia, where Reconxile have been working with Radstock Ministries, The Mongolian Bible League, and St Mary’s Church, Old Harlow, to train the Pastors of the rapidly growing wave of nomadic churches there to set up small sustainable forms of income. Our special thanks go to to Damdin Manduhai (Magi), Munkhnaran Armarsai Khan (Mugi), and Beejin Selenge (Seke), whose care and professionalism were pivotal to our success. To read and see more, click here.

The Gambia, where Zoe Keens has been working with one small business in the Moslem community, using the materials on a one-to-one basis, both face to face and at a distance by email. 

Moldova, where Mike Tyler of AidForTrade has been working with CAMED to alleviate poverty in Albania through business projects, and has been evaluating the materials to see where they can help with this work.

Teso, Uganda, where Paul & Gill Leppitt are running business training using these materials, and with members of his church is also seeking to support a project called Edith’s Home.