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Training Trainers

The extent of third world poverty is massive, so massive that the numbers begin to become meaningless to us.  Conversely, the number of people in the west who are willing to sacrifice a significant proportion of their time and wealth to do something about it is small.  We imagine, since you have taken the trouble to come to this page and read it, that you may be one of that small band. 

The mismatch in numbers means that we need to leverage our efforts as much as possible, to multiply up the small amount of effort that we can invest in any way we can, and that means mobilising the people we help to help others, to help others, to help others, and so on…

Training Trainers in KampalaActually, the best people to take others through the ‘Starting-up your own small business’ training, are others who started out in the same position, and who have been through the training, and who have made a success of their business, and who now want to train others.

But they need help if they are to train others effectively, and so we have developed a ‘Train the trainers’ course for ‘Starting-up your own small business’ which can be used to train up to 30 trainers at a time.  You can download the training plan, and the slide deck (sadly the current course to train new trainers does require a computer and projector) by clicking on the links.

We began our work in Kampala by training 40 people directly in ‘Starting-up your own small business’ (condensing the programme into a fairly intense 4 days), and then returned some time later and trained 20 of those people to train others.   To see some pictures of this, please visit the picture gallery.

The training is now being cascaded through the church structure in Kampala (Full Gospel Church of Uganda), which works well because they have the facilities (church halls), the skills in teaching groups of adults, the desire to see their community do well, and the value set to help others freely. 

In February 2008 we returned to train another group of trainers, but this time we did it in partnership with two of the existing trainers, and thereby trained and equipped them to train further trainers, and so our work in Kampala is effectively complete, and we have moved on to follow the same sort of pattern elsewhere.  We will of course return to Kampala in the future, but as friends, not as teachers. 

We have provided all of these materials for you to do similar sorts of things wherever your heart leads you to begin.