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Why are we different?

There are many good and worthy charities who are seeking to make a difference to the poor, and most of them are increasingly aware of the need for sustainability and the role of empowerment and commerce in that. But the charities that are making a real difference are typically overstretched and have more need than resources to meet it. They are excellent, worthy, faithful, and deserve every encouragement. And we do not want to compete with them in any way shape or form.

Our model is different. Most of the work that takes place through our model, we will never even hear about. The difference that we are making will be largely unknown to us. Even the needs we are meeting will pass us by. Our goal is to encourage and equip a direct channel connecting those in need with those that want to help them.

We do not want your money (we are well supported for our needs, thanks be to God), nor even your help (we have no real infrastructure to support volunteers). We need you: your heart; your ideas; your network; your character; your passion; your physical presence; your vision; your identity - everything that God made you to be. And we need you to put it directly on the line for Him; in fellowship; in faith; in any way you feel called.

Does that excite you? It excites me!!!

We are not here to form a buffer between you and those you are called to help. We are not willing to take your money and provide some sense of absolution for the fact that you are gifted and materially blessed while others are not. We are here to remind you that God came down to engage with our need personally, and His teaching is about relationship and personal engagement in the body, with our brothers and sisters. And we are here to witness to the immense and suprising joy of that engagement - an experience you will probably prize and repeat for the rest of your lives.

We are different, because we are YOU.